Delicious Beets: Part Deux

Part two of yesterday’s Delicious Beets story. Last night we have gotten side-tracked in the kitchen, with so many exciting things happen. Too full, means saving the dish for Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday.  Perhaps not the most traditional of Super Bowl Sunday dishes, but deeelish nonetheless.

Check it.

Placing the semi-roasted beets onto the puff pastry to bake some more…

Infused with fresh thyme and olive oil.

Juicing lemons for my dressing, and crumbling cheese for the tart topping. I do heart St. Lawrence Market and their wonderfully large cheese selections…

the goods.

Another 30 minutes later… Et voilà!


Until next time…



One thought on “Delicious Beets: Part Deux

  1. I think I need this! I’ve sent an email to my husband (our home’s quazi-chef) to add it to his repertoire when he gets home from sea….I’m fairly excited! I love beets :)

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