Small Space Dining

Grocery shopping, menu planning, (vino tasting), all of the preparation involved with one of my favourite things to do with friends and family…


Lately, I’ve been dreaming up my idea of a great kitchen, whether in a small or large space, spending some time looking at kitchens, tables and islands. The new CB2 opening on Queen West has only added to my fun. That, on top of the fact that I’ve been helping a certain someone find the perfect table for his space, lending my time to that search as well.

What’s not to love about Toronto… a perfectly lovely condo, so itty bitty, one can barely find room for a bar-sized table for two. Nonetheless, there are some real little gems out there. Check out some of my recent finds:

A neat little, modern space for the young working professional, yet cozy enough for a small group of friends to join for an evening of wine and appetizers. A nice little androgynous space – perfect for the guy or gal.

Simple bar setup.

Looking for a little more ladylike and chic? Add some art, various textures, fabrics and pops of bright colour. Fresh squeezed jus d’orange with brunch anyone?

Pretty in pink.

Another space, again great for a guy or gal. This one also very simple, yet a little rustic. Love the exposed brick and the chalkboard – write up your menu for the evening, or simply leave love notes (that would be my choice!). When I look at this great little kitchen and bar setup, I just want to pull out the cheese board and charcuterie. Found this space idea from

Love this.

Then there is this little number that we’ve been repeatedly going back to CB2 to stare at, sit at, and ponder over. The mango wood legs, with rustic-looking tin top.

Little gem from CB2

And lastly, on the hunt for bar tables and stools to fit a small space, I figured why not think up the best case scenario for a bar table. That’s when I found this extra long bar for a fabulous (and huge!) kitchen. This is one of the “I want it one day” list. What dinner parties we could host!

Happy times happen here.

Will keep you posted on the table hunt!



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