…But Then You Get Back Up

A friend of mine posted this photo the other day, and it reminded me of the relationship between me and my bike…

True story.

True story.

As you know from a previous post, about my favourite summery things, I recently purchased a bike. My first city bike. In that post, and most days, this is how I feel about my bike:


I love her. Betsy is her name. She’s a dandy periwinkle beauty!

That is until Sunday past. Sunday happened to be my first run-in with the streetcar tracks in the city of Toronto. I learned quickly that bike tires + tracks = recipe for disaster. Since I’m relatively new at this whole navigating the city on my bike business (but still think I got the hang pretty quickly), this was bound to happen. I feared the day.

It was a solid wipe-out. Poor Betsy (and me!). Zipping down Adelaide Street on a Sunday afternoon, trying to make it home before the rain. The claps of thunder began… minutes before my wipe-out. To make the grueling road rash that much more awesome, it started to thunder and rain on me. Good ‘ol lululemon (partially) saved the day and the mat I had strapped around me, swung around, preventing my right arm from feeling the road like my poor buttocks did.

Clearly, I did not fall off my bike enough as a child, because this seemed like the worst thing in the world in the moment.

However, I’m thankful. Thankful that while I have some solid bruises, cuts and scrapes to tell the tale of my first tumble in the Toronto streetcar tracks, I’m just fine. As is Betsy (I think).

Here’s to a few more days of rest and elevation while I wait to try again!

In the meantime, enjoy a little tune from my other boyfriend Mayer Hawthorne, because “the ills of the world, they can get you down… but then you get back up!”

Stay tuned for future (and more positive!) bike adventures.

PS: For those of you wondering, yes I was wearing a helmet. Thank goodness!


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