Staying Cool (and Chic)

Wherever you might be sipping cocktails this summer (a girl can dream this is what the season is all about, no?)… keep your beautiful self protected from the UV rays.

Here are just a few of my favourite items:

The Floppy Chapeau

Relax on a park bench with your juiciest book or look fabulously stylish strolling the beach with one of these…

Effortlessly chic.


So cute. Loving the sorbet orange shorts too!


Tour de France, anyone?



Protect your bright blue-eyed beauties (or whatever shade they might be). They don’t just protect your eyes, but also the delicate skin around them.

Little Marc Jacobs number from


Join the TOMS One for One movement – with great sunglasses!


Love some Joe Fresh…



You laugh if you know me… because one would swear I have never seen the light of day. I like to think of it as beautifully fair. Fair or not, you’ll want to keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy for as long as possible. So try some of these:

Aveeno Hydrosport – plus, a non-greasy spray – my favourite kind!

To each their own, but I like this Neutrogena one for my face.

Don’t forget these precious babies. Protect your lips! This ‘Kiss My Face’ sport lip balm is great. Comes in lots of yummy flavours too.

Staying Hydrated

Last but not least, if there are one too many cocktails on the menu… remember to stay hydrated!

Simply adding some lemon or even berries and fresh mint leaves to ice water is lovely.  I like to add pomegranate seeds and mint to a little Pellegrino. You could even try strawberries and basil.

If you want more ideas for fresh flavoured water, visit one of my go-to guys, Jamie Oliver for more.

One of my other lovers.

Need tips on how to easily clean a pomegranate? This can be a project in and of itself. Visit IowaGirlEats  here.

Here’s to more healthy and sun-shiny days…



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