“Let’s Get Naked!”

Bet that caught your attention.

Good Monday morning!

I want to share with you lovely people, this amazing book I’ve started reading on my morning commute: Eat Naked  by Margaret Floyd. Just a couple pages in and I can’t put it down. Makes the 45 minute subway ride seem so much more bearable!

Eat Naked, by Margaret Floyd

I will of course have a full post on my thoughts once I’m done, but wanted to share this quote from my morning reading to hopefully get you inspired to add some extra freshness to your day.

“Eating naked isn’t a fad diet. It’s the way we are for thousands of years, before the advent of processed food. It simply means eating real food and is a step toward simplicity and back to the basics.”

We’re heading into a new season. This means tons of new seasonal veggies to explore at your local markets. I mean, look at these:


They’re pure, fresh and local goodness! What’s not to love? It’s a perfect time to get started and “Eat Naked”.

Who’s in?



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