Day 5: 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

Not going to lie… there’s some deep thought in today’s post. But first up, enjoy these “Sweet Sweaty Moments”:

Sweet sweaty moments.

Get yo sweat on!

I’m so glad I made it out yesterday. That was the solid stretch my body needed after a dose of the stomach flu to feel so much more prepared for Day 5. Plus, today was Paul’s birthday (the owner of the studio). He’s in the midst of a Birthday Challenge and has a number of students joining him. Today they will complete three (yes I said that correctly, 3) 90 minute Bikram yoga classes in one day. I think they’re nuttier than those of us doing the 30-day challenge, but all the power to ’em!

Perhaps it was the birthday celebration that set the good vibes in the room, but either way I felt strong. After a little round of “Happyyyy Birthdayyyy to youuu!” we got started and the class seemed to fly.

By the final Savasana of the day, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend earlier this week. She’s in the midst of a fitness challenge herself, and commented on how thankful she was that her tears could be mistaken for sweat that day; and how after a little wipe with the towel, she’d get back up and keep pushing through it.

I, admittedly, had once done the same thing. It was my first few weeks of Bikram practice a couple of summers ago. During that time, I had been putting more stress on my body than I ever imagined possible. After this one particular class when the instructor directed us to use our last two minutes to just let everything go, tears rolled down my cheek. “I’m no crier,” I thought to myself “snap out of it.” But it was pure, raw emotion and it felt so good to let it go. Thankfully, it was concealed by the beads of sweat dripping down my face.

Today’s final two minutes was very different from that day a few years prior. When the instructor said: “Use these last two minutes to just let everything go” I thought of my friend the other day. It was in that moment that I realized how far (in both my personal and professional life) I have come since that day in July 2010. I had nothing negative to let go.

I am blessed, and proud of my accomplishments. Most importantly, thankful for the wonderful people I have surrounding me to make such a peaceful two minutes possible.

Onward and upward, my friends!

PS: Allison, you’ve got this! xoxo

Day 5 - Check!

Day 5 – Check!


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