Halloween Hostess Must-Haves


I’ll be the first to admit (and be disappointed if you will), but Halloween just ain’t my thang. That being said, I do love a fabulous dinner party and a good glass of red. So here it is… the extent of my Halloween spirit in ideas to help you be a Halloween dinner part hostess extraordinaire.

Halloween Hostess Must-Haves

1. Black Wine Glass Zara Home

2. Skull Candle Holders Zara Home

3. Oro Veijo Flatware Zara Home

4. Mini White Pumpkins from your local grocer

5. Artisanal Matte Dinner Plate Indigo

6. Helena Marigold Linen Napkin Crate and Barrel

7. Ghost Pines California Merlot LCBO

8. Black Lacquer Trays West Elm

9. Manzanita Candelabra West Elm

Et voila, Happy Halloween dinner-planning!


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