{Fashion Fridays} Umbrella…ella…ella…

April showers, bring May flowers!

Today’s post is all about the umbrella. Have fun with this accessory – why not go for bright colours and bold patterns? Enjoy this little tidbit of rainy day fashion inspiration.

Would love to hear about your favourite rainy day accessory in the comments below.

Oh so Vogue

Oh so Vogue

"La Vie En Rose"

“La Vie En Rose”

Show me your polka-dots!

Show me your polka-dots!

Ouu la la

Ouu la la

So chic

So chic








Am I Beautiful?

Give me three words that describe how beautiful you are. Ready, set, go!

It sounds easy. Sadly, the majority of women on this planet feel otherwise. Dove recently conducted a social experiment whereby they individually invited  women to (unknowingly) describe how they look to a forensic sketch artist. Next, they invited other individuals to come in and describe the same woman to the sketch artist.

Once all drawings were complete, each of the women were presented how they viewed themselves, beside the sketch as they were described by total strangers. The differences in features, shocking.

An eye-opener, isn’t it? For more info on the campaign, visit the Dove Facebook page.

I’ll leave you with this…

Wise words

Wise words

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have a lovely day, beautiful!

Jacklyn Denise


{Fashion Fridays} Coral Lips

Today we’re looking at one of my favourite trends this Spring: The coral lip.

Too much for everyday? Never! LOVE the coral lips. In fact, to be honest, I’d rock it year-round. Looks fresh during the day, and an easy beauty touch-up to bring you from day to evening.

Here are a few faves:

Gorgeous Cara Delevingne

Gorgeous Cara Delevingne

Source: Lextravagance blog

Missoni Spring 13 Runway

Missoni Spring 13 Runway

Source: Style.com

J.Crew Spring 2013 Runway

J.Crew Spring 2013 Runway

Source: The Cut

Get the look with the must-have lipstick in my purse by Smashbox. Stays forever. Tip: Put a lip balm or moisturizer on first. At least for me, it can dry out the lips.

Be Legendary

Be Legendary

Source: smashboxcanada

Who’s with me on this one?

Kiss, kiss.

Jacklyn Denise

Leap of faith

“She turned her can’ts into cans and dreams into plans.”


If you’ve been following me, you may recognize this photo.

I first posted this photo the day before resigning from my last job. The day before I took every ounce of “no guts, no glory” attitude (I thought) I could muster up, and every bit of faith (at the time) I felt I had, to start my own PR business. I am halfway through my first “official” year in business and I am grateful everyday. To everyone who sent support and best wishes on the day I posted this photo, and occasionally ever since, you are gems.

Though it might sound cliche, I’ll never look back. I’m now in B-SCHOOL by Marie Forleo – something you will be learning much, much more about in the coming posts. B-SCHOOL and the incredible people in it, have changed my life. They’ve changed my outlook on how I run my business, how I want to run my business, and how I am inspired, daily.

This post is for every beautiful soul out there who has an entrepreneur in them. It is possible to live your passion. Trust your gut. Maybe even take 5 minutes to listen to my dear friend, soul sister and fellow entrepreneur, Gloria Roheim McRae of Wedge15, bring you back to the basics, right here (love you, Glo). Sometimes all we need is that little step back to come to the ultimate realization. Take the leap of faith. I urge you.

And… in the comments below, let me know what inspired you to do it.

With gratitude,

Jacklyn Denise


Day 5: 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

Not going to lie… there’s some deep thought in today’s post. But first up, enjoy these “Sweet Sweaty Moments”:

Sweet sweaty moments.

Get yo sweat on!

I’m so glad I made it out yesterday. That was the solid stretch my body needed after a dose of the stomach flu to feel so much more prepared for Day 5. Plus, today was Paul’s birthday (the owner of the studio). He’s in the midst of a Birthday Challenge and has a number of students joining him. Today they will complete three (yes I said that correctly, 3) 90 minute Bikram yoga classes in one day. I think they’re nuttier than those of us doing the 30-day challenge, but all the power to ’em!

Perhaps it was the birthday celebration that set the good vibes in the room, but either way I felt strong. After a little round of “Happyyyy Birthdayyyy to youuu!” we got started and the class seemed to fly.

By the final Savasana of the day, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend earlier this week. She’s in the midst of a fitness challenge herself, and commented on how thankful she was that her tears could be mistaken for sweat that day; and how after a little wipe with the towel, she’d get back up and keep pushing through it.

I, admittedly, had once done the same thing. It was my first few weeks of Bikram practice a couple of summers ago. During that time, I had been putting more stress on my body than I ever imagined possible. After this one particular class when the instructor directed us to use our last two minutes to just let everything go, tears rolled down my cheek. “I’m no crier,” I thought to myself “snap out of it.” But it was pure, raw emotion and it felt so good to let it go. Thankfully, it was concealed by the beads of sweat dripping down my face.

Today’s final two minutes was very different from that day a few years prior. When the instructor said: “Use these last two minutes to just let everything go” I thought of my friend the other day. It was in that moment that I realized how far (in both my personal and professional life) I have come since that day in July 2010. I had nothing negative to let go.

I am blessed, and proud of my accomplishments. Most importantly, thankful for the wonderful people I have surrounding me to make such a peaceful two minutes possible.

Onward and upward, my friends!

PS: Allison, you’ve got this! xoxo

Day 5 - Check!

Day 5 – Check!

Day 3/4: 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

I did it! Savasana and I may have been pals this round, but I did it!

I know it’s only Day 4… but I’m still proud! Yesterday, I came down with a terrible stomach flu and/or food poisoning. So alas, Day 3, I didn’t make it.

This post will be short and sweet. However, I do want to give a shout out to a lovely friend of mine, Melanie. Without a phone call before class I likely wouldn’t have made it to Day 4. That little pep talk of “go even if you lie down through most of it… your body will thank you for it” was all I needed. So thank you!

To Day 5 and a double!

Day 4 - Check!

Day 4 – Check!

Day 2: 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

It came and went so quickly, that day two. I honestly woke up with legs so stiff I wished I had signed up for an earlier Saturday morning class just to lie in the heat and sweat out the pain.

But then before heading to class, I came across this:

Mind over matter.

Mind over matter.

Every balancing pose that required intense strength from my thigh muscles reminded me of this photo. “Just get over this hump” I would tell myself. “Even the instructor said: “It’s only 10 seconds. You can do anything you want for 10 seconds. Push through it.” Before I knew it, my focus was back to my eyes in the mirror and a deep concentration led me through the rest of my practice.

Yup, “You can do anything you want for 10 seconds.” So go do it.

Another day down – check! Can’t wait for Day 3.

Day 2 - check!

Day 2 – check!