{Fashion Fridays} Travel Bug

Just back this week from an UH-MAZING trip with some of the most inspiring women I know. Probably should have blogged about this before leaving, but I’ve got the travel bug in me now!

Packing light can be a challenge…I blame it on the shoes. While the outfits below don’t cut down on the shoes, here are few items that are sure to take you from casual day to date with the girls.

Tip: Come up with a solid base. Get creative with the accessories!

From day...

From day…

...into night!

…into night!

Coral lips totally count as a base. I’m obsessed with this look. Never too much beauty in a coral lip (day or night!). Check out some more of my fave coral lips looks here in {Fashion Fridays} The Coral Lip.

What are your tips for traveling fashionably?